Shipping Container Restaurants

Shipping Containers, a couple of interesting projects to turn 2 twenty foot, steel shipping containers into temporary restaurants.

One unit would be the kitchen and the other a small covered seating area. The front would drop down to form a deck, with some additional bench seating. Originally sketched out with the client on a piece of plywood, the self build project began to take shape in a North Shields industrial unit, before finding its home at King Edwards Bay. It was always a bit touch and go, as to whether we could extend the original 6 month licence, especially given the complexities of getting the units craned into position. However 6 months was extended to a year and then 2, until it finally found a permanent home and is now a must visit eatery on the North East coast, and has even been immortalised in Lego by

Another handed unit was placed as part of the Quayside Seaside, temporary beach installation in Newcastle, and after starting life as a fish restaurant is currently operating as a “Mexican Tacoria.”

Project images