City Centre Offices

A very enjoyable, new office fit-out into standard city centre office space. The brief was for “An office that didn’t feel like an office.”  The way this was approached, was to get rid of the corporate grid dictated by the access floor and suspended ceiling grids. Solid oak flooring and “real” carpet would be laid instead of the usual, carpet tile, with carefully planned and discreet service access points. Likewise, wherever possible plaster boarded ceilings and discreet lighting were introduced to replace the standard office CAT II louvres. Although it was suggested that, a hot-desking approach to working from armchairs and small tables, would be preferred, there was still a requirement for quiet, reclusive work spaces, which was provided via glazed cubicles. The finishing touches were the carefully chosen furniture, original artworks and soft furnishings.

I often wonder if they ever use the magnetic painted wall?

Project images

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