Byker. A Vision For The Future.

Harland Architecture were asked to assist Primate Productions and the Newcastle YMCA, in their project “A Vision For The Future”, a project initially inspired by an exhibition of photographs, by Sirkka-Liisa Konttinens, who documented the 40 year transformation of the Byker community from the densely packed terraces to the current Byker Wall development. Seeing the new photographs alongside the old was the catalyst for the project, aimed at enabling children from the deprived estates of Byker and Walker to have their voices heard in influencing the further development of Byker over the next 40 years.  The project would allow young people to reflect upon changes over the last 40 years, photograph and film the areas now, and create their “vision for the future.”

The children made a documentary and a stop-motion animation based on an architectural model that they designed and constructed. At the end of the project the children presented their work, via presentation boards, photographs and film, to an invited audience from the City Council Planning and Architects Departments and Northumbria Police. Young people led visitors round the display and presented their work clearly and eloquently with very little external help. Visitors seemed genuinely impressed and indeed many were very surprised at some of the findings of the site analysis and the young people’s foresight in terms of understanding such a complex problem.

The project was very ambitious from the outset and developed and grew over its course. The body of work available for the presentation was testament to all involved and encompassed not only elements of film making, animation and photography, but also master planning, product design, architecture, scale model making, advertising, landscaping, transport systems, communication, music, graphics and presentation skills.

Harland Architecture was very proud to be associated with this project and the people involved. They produced an outstanding body of work, exceeding all expectations.

Project images